I nearly fell asleep in class today. I know this is kind of a weird post, but I need tips lol.


I have a little brother who woke up in the middle of the night crying last night which woke me up too. So I was really tired.


Every heard of micro sleeping? When you fall asleep for literally 1 second but you realize that you can't sleep so you wake yourself up.

That is what happened to me today.


Plus, the stuff we learn is very boring. Like, we are learning how to solve systems of quadratic equations in school, and its literally the same thing as solving systems of linear equations except you use quadratic solving methods. I find it very boring.


I mean, is there a way I can make it less boring?


One might say that I might be getting bad grades because of this, but that's not true, it's so easy that EVERYONE in the class has above 95 average.

 May 7, 2019

Have you tried doodling on your paper? Here are some ideas: If you have some paper with some text, you can draw stick figures climbing or falling off of the text. If you have notebook paper with the 3 holes, you can try using those holes as circles in part of a drawing, like balloons or the center of a flower. You could draw houses. You could draw bubble or block letters. These are some things I used to do all the time. smiley

 May 7, 2019

Hi Hectictar and CalculatorUser,

Your suggestions sounded a little weird to me Hectictar but then I thought a little and understood how that could help.

When we do a task it only uses certain parts of our brain allowing other bits to wander off leading to day dreams etc. If less relevant  parts of the brain are occupied with certain types of things, such a drawing, then it may allow the bit that is trying to concentrate on the maths to concentrate better. 

For me, i can often concentrate better on maths if i have quiet music playing or even if I am in a food court in a shopping centre and have all the associated noise around me. (So long as no one is being specifically annoying) 

I used to have a very intelligent high achieving friend who could only study when he was watching TV at the same time! I always found that incredible .... it would never work for me.

Anyway, the idea of allowing part of your brain to be chanelled into something such as doodling sounds reasonable.    laugh


Of course you may have to defend your sketching to your teacher  wink

 May 7, 2019

Thanks, I will try doodling now.

CalculatorUser  May 7, 2019

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