what does sinh do? how do I get inverse sin? i.e. how do I push buttons to get an angle in degrees from the ratio of triangle side lengths? same question for cos and tan buttons

Guest Apr 7, 2017

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click 2nd then the trigonometric ratios.

Davis  Apr 7, 2017

i am confused on dis 2

Guest Apr 7, 2017

If you have a right-angled triangle and the opposite side length (= b, say) and the length of the hypotenuse (= h, say)

then the angle ( = B) is given by 2nd asin (b/h) enter


If you have the adjacent side length (= a, say) and the hypotenuse 

then B is given by 2nd acos (a/h) enter


If you have the opposite and adjacent side lengths

then B is given by 2nd atan (b/a) enter



"sinh" is what is known as a hyperbolic function.  It is defined as follows:

sinh(x) = (ex - e-x)/2


We also have cosh(x) = (ex + e-x)/2


and tanh(x) = sinh(x)/cosh(x)


Alan  Apr 7, 2017
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