The search feature works extremely well.
Before posting it's always a good idea to give the search feature a try. You might be able to do some problem solving.
After all if you can come up with the answer your self, or most of it you're on your way to really understanding the answer and to solve
future problems as well given that Maths is cumulative in understanding.

*searching in a post will only find words that match in the post so head to the questions page.

[size=150] HOW TO SEARCH ON THIS SITE [/size]

Just up there on the right of the forum, the search box. If you don't see it try clicking the forum category you are in again.
Users here vary from young to old and from many countries therefore try a few search keywords, or part-words of the term you want. ie. factor for factorising.

You'l get a big summary of posts, enough to identify if it's helpful. Try advance search also, but you need to do a search first to see that option
Give it a try!

Don't forget resources like Google (being able to ask any question you have to find answers), YouTube (searching via Google if you like), and the many places that give instant simple explanations on the problems you are working in a format you like, be it video, audio, pictorial or text etc.

ps. Always try to title your posts detailing your subject matter and question. This will help others and aid in searches in the future.

pps. Give thanks when you can to those who are providing great answers at no cost. It's free for you to show that their time was well spent even if they already know it.

ppps. Enjoy the site.

pppps. If you find something and it mostly answers your question, feel free to comment on the post since it will come to the top, and likely your class mates or other schools are also covering the same topics you are .... OR post your question with a link to the post in your thread.

1.png Good luck.
 Feb 9, 2014
Bump~ Title your posts well to find it again in search engine and to help others to do so as well.
 Feb 17, 2014
 Feb 23, 2014

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