How would I be able to continue this root test?


I was originally solving for 




I am being instructed to use the root test so I set up the following:


\(\lim_{n\rightarrow infinity}\)\(((\sqrt[n]{|(-1)^n(1-(15/n)|})^n)^2\)


However I'm not sure if I can cancel out anything here. Any help?

Guest Apr 18, 2017

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avatar +297 

\(\lim_{n\rightarrow infinity}{{(\sqrt[n]{|{(-1)}^{n}*(1-(\frac{15}{n}))|})}^{n}}^{2}= \lim_{n\rightarrow infinity}{|{(-1)}^{n}*(1-(\frac{15}{n}))|}^{2}=(\lim_{n\rightarrow infinity}{|{(-1)}^{n}*(1-(\frac{15}{n}))|})^2=1^2=1.\)

Ehrlich Apr 18, 2017

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