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how would i graph the polar coordinates (5, 240°) and (-1, 120°)?

 May 20, 2018

Hey Guest!


Here is an ordinary polar graph:


It is like an ordinary x-y coordinate graph, but the x is wrapped around in a cicle. 


You can first graph the x or the y, it doesn't matter. 


For ( 5, 240°), let's just say we first graph 5. If you look at the arrow, there is a 5 between the 4 and 6. 

It is the degrees that determines the specific point. 

Then, we find the 240° line, then find the intersection of the 5 circle and the 240° line. 


You can try (-1, 120°) on your own. 

I hope this helped,



 May 20, 2018

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