Hello, I just joined you. I want your help for the formula below. Please don't refuse.

How can I insert the formula in the link into Excel? I have thousands of data. It takes me months to do them one by one with a calculator.

for example
a: 0.66
b: 0.48



 Dec 5, 2020

Hi olesore,

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atan is the same as  tan^(-1)  


Excel defaults to radians so that is why i have multiplied the result by 180/pi



Can you work it out now?








I double checked it by finding  tan^(-1) (1/sqrt3)  which I know is 30 degrees.


 Dec 5, 2020

Thank you so much.
Good thing I met this site.

 Dec 6, 2020

You are welcome.

Maybe you are a bit lucky too.


I do not remember seeing anyone else answer Excel questions on here. 

(Although there must be a handful of people here who could)


Is that all you want?  Did you want to know how to round it off to the nearest degree, or anything like that?

Also you could include pi in the equation.    Just replace B5 with   PI()        that would be more straight forward.

Melody  Dec 6, 2020

Thank you very much for your help. Yes I guess I am lucky but only on this site. Nobody answered when I wrote on other sites.

olesore  Dec 12, 2020

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