I already posted this question but guess its never gonna be discovered so here it is again.sad


How do you use sine cosine and tangent in formulas and stuff. I mean I know what they are but I don't get whats their purpose (except for the right triangle stuff I know that already)

ISmellGood  Sep 23, 2017

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Your question was not answered because it is so vague. :/

Trigonometry always has to do with angles but it is not just useful for right angled triangles.

It is used to solve many different problems. 

It is used in surveying and engineering and constrution and in so many other ways too.


Perhaps you could post a more specific question / problem?

Melody  Sep 23, 2017
edited by Melody  Sep 23, 2017
edited by Melody  Sep 23, 2017

Cartography and astronomy rely heavily on trigonometry. 


With trigonometry one can accurately represent the locations of the landmasses of the Earth or calculate the distance in between two stars.

TheXSquaredFactor  Sep 23, 2017

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