The triangles triangle RST and triangle XYZ are congruent. Points P and W lie on ST and YZ, respectively. Which of the following statements are true?


(a) If P is the midpoint of line ST and W is the midpoint of line YZ then triangle RSP≅ XYW

(b) If RP bisects angle RST and line XW angle YXZ, then RSP ≅ XYW

(c) If RP = ST and XW = YZ, then triangle RSP ≅ XYW

(d) If RP ⊥ ST and XW ⊥ YZ, then triangle RSP ≅ XYW


This is multiple choice problem and if none of the answers work type none.

 Sep 17, 2020

First you should include a link to the original question when you say it is a repeat.

But from what you have said it was not actually answered.  The link is still desirable though.



This question seems to require a fair amount of diagram sketching, with thought and considerable time.

Have you done any sketches, have you discounted any of the choices?

Do you think you might have the answer?

I would like to see evidence of your own attempts. 

 Sep 17, 2020

I have had a quick look and I think 3 of them are correct. Only one seemed wrong.

What are your thoughts? 

Melody  Sep 17, 2020

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