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I am completly clueless when it comes to math.

 Jan 22, 2018
edited by Guest  Jan 22, 2018

same here 

 Jan 22, 2018
\(\hspace{5mm}3x+7=5x+1\\ -3x\hspace{9mm}-3x\) By subtracting 3x from both sides, I am getting closer to the solution of this equation. Subtracting 3x from both sides eliminates one term with an x in it. Since this is an equation, if you do something to one side, you must do the equivalent action to the other; otherwise, the equation is unbalanced! Remember that the goal is to isolate x and find its value. Note that this is not the only way to get rid of one of the x-terms. It is also possible to subtract 5x from both sides, but, by my own convention, I will keep the coefficient of the variable positive.
\(\hspace{5mm}7=2x+1\\ -1\hspace{11mm}-1\) By subtracting 1 from both sides, we are eliminating a constant term. This gets us ever so closer to isolating the variable.  
\(\hspace{5mm}6\hspace{3mm}=\hspace{5mm}2x\\ \div2\hspace{9mm}\div 2\) Dividing by 2 on both sides allows us to finally isolate the variable, which is the ultimate goal of equations with unknowns.
\(3=x\) This is the only value for x that satisfies the original equation.
 Jan 22, 2018

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