What are angle RKS and angle PKS?


 Sep 15, 2020

Ok. So, to do this problem, we first need to find the angle measure of x.



The problem says that \(m\angle PKS = 3x + 10\) and also \(m\angle SKR = x - 12, m\angle RKP = 62\). We know that the latter two angles sum up to make \(\angle PKS\), so we get the equation:




From this, we can solve for x (I'm going to spare you the details of that, since you probably already know how).




Now, since we have the value of x, all we have to do is plug it into \(m\angle PKS = 3x + 10\) and \(m\angle SKR = x - 12\), getting:


\(m\angle PKS = 70\)\(m\angle SKR = 8\)


I hope this helped! laugh

NOTE: The image was probably not to scale and all that, so this answer will seem incorrect. But if you check it, it will work.

 Sep 15, 2020

But why does the angle size in the diagram not match your answer?

Guest Sep 15, 2020

As I said in the solution, the picture in the diagram might not be to scale.

ETERNITY  Sep 15, 2020

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