i dont get this at all

cerenetie  Feb 22, 2018

Sorry, cerenetie......no clue  !!!




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CPhill  Feb 22, 2018

The Fermi process is all about making rough estimates to get an order of magnitude type of result.  So, for example:


Size of bathtub: ~ 2m x 1/2m *1/2m     Vbath ~ 1/2m3 → 5*105 cm3


Size of brick:  ~ 20cm x 10cm x 5cm     Vbrick ~ 103 cm3 


Number of bricks in bath:  Vbath/Vbrick = 5*105/103 = 500


Note:  I simply estimated (i.e. guessed!) the sizes above; I didn't measure anything.  Often a way of "estimating" is to choose a value that is clearly too small, and one that is clearly too big, then choose the geometric mean as the estimate (though I didn't do that above).  This often works well if many people make an estimate of something and you take the geometric mean of the largest and smallest of their guesses!

Alan  Feb 22, 2018
edited by Alan  Feb 22, 2018

I am sorry... I have no clue as to the answer of your question, but I just had to tell you...




"I am you and you are me."


I'm more of a Saeyoung, myself, but I really really appreciate your profile pic. LOLOLOL!

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