So, I was outside by the inlet, taking down a few lanterns by our sailboat so they woudnt fall because its windy and I saw the most awesome thing In the water that I could have founnd today:

A coconut, floating... So, I grab the coconut and pull it out of the water, and shook it to see if it was a good one, and guess what, it was! It made a slot=shing sound so I know theres fresh cocout water inside.....ANd the meat will be good too if the water is...


MysticalJaycat  Apr 24, 2017

Lucky! I wish I had a cocoanut right now! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise



iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 25, 2017


Maybe one day you will find one too!

MysticalJaycat  Apr 26, 2017

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