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For each part of this problem, convert the fraction to a "decimal" in the specified base.

(a) What is 1/2 in base 3?

(b) What is 1/7 in base 8?

(c) What is 1/(b-1) in base b?

Be sure to include complete explanations with your answer, using complete sentences. Imagine you were going to show your solution to a classmate, and try to write your solution so that he or she could understand it without doing any extra work.

 Jul 2, 2018

Here is a video to watch that explains it.




I am not goingh to include complete answers because itf you watch the video and you understand then you can do that yourself.


a)     \(0.5_{10}=0.\dot{1}_3 \)


The second one is the same technique so you can do it yourself.


After you have done a and b you can see a pattern so you can use that to get the answer for c

 Jul 2, 2018
edited by Melody  Jul 2, 2018

I understand and b, just not c

 Jul 2, 2018

There is a pattern.

With a and b the question is   1/(the new base-1)

Look at the answers you get from this.

Think about this. then you should be able to surmise what the answer to c will be.


a) is 0.1 repeater.

What did you get for b?


So what is c?

 Jul 2, 2018

I just did my calculations wrong on one of them, thanks Melody for reminding me!

 Jul 3, 2018


 Jul 9, 2018

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