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I really struggle to get my head around probability and this question has got me for some reason. I know it is simple but i just cant be sure as to how to approach it. Any assisstance would be awesome thankyou (Please explain what you do too <3).


A donation center set up a donation centered program that gives donated kitchen utensils to people in need of them. The organisation also relies on volunteers to move items around for customers. Sets of utensils can include: Cups, Plates, Bowls, Cuttlery, Pans, Knives... the list goes on. The two most common are the knives and plates sets. Concidering only those sets, 20% of customers want only the knife sets to be moved while 45% want only the plate sets to be moved. Moving both at the same time is requested by 5% of the customers. 


The questions I have to answer are:

What is the prob that a customer wants a plate to be moved, and what is the probability of a customer wanting a plate to be moved, given a knofe has been moved?


I don't want to be given the answer as i know that's not we do here, but if you do provide it i will be greatful. Again any guidance would be great thankyou!

 Mar 25, 2021

The first probability problem is quite easy since the numbers are percentages.


Quick refresher: 1% is 1/100


Since 45% of customers want their plate sets to be moved, you would think its 45/100, but actually you also need to add the people that need both of their sets moved, which includes plate sets. It would be 50/100 ( ill let you simplify)


Second question


Since the knife sets have been moved, a 25% probability, we know that 50% of customers want their plates moved. However, it is no longer 50/100 but 50/75 (simplify). This is because there are only 75% of customers remaining. 


I may have made a mistake, but hopefully this makes it clearer. :)

 Mar 25, 2021


lhyla02  Mar 29, 2021

I'm not quite sure, but I think it could be about 11 percent, becuase if some of the knifes have been moved, then there is a 5 out of 45 percent chance to also have wanted the plate moved?

 Mar 29, 2021

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