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I have been told that 0.9999infinite is equal to 1

that 1.9999infinite is equal to 2

2.9999infinte is equal to 3

3.9999infinite is 4 and vice versa for all numbers with .9999infinite behind it.


why just why



why does math have to be so weird



It makes no sense.......



shouldn't  .99999infinite be one 9 before one?




my head is breaking apart over how in the world this is possible



please help me put my head back together by explaining this to me.....







 Jan 16, 2018

The simple term or thing is by rounding and estimating. Since o.99999999999... is closer to 1.000000 then 0.00000000.

 Jan 16, 2018

An infinite decimal expansion means there is no end to the 9s.


Let x = 0.999999........ to infinity


Then 10x = 9.999999....... also to infinity


Subtract x from 10x.  The infinite number of 9s to the right of the decimal points cancel and we have:


9x = 9


Hence x = 1.   i.e.   1 = 0.99999............ to infinity

 Jan 16, 2018

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