If you've haven't noticed it yet in the homework/challenge problems, this piece of text appears at the bottom of every page.


Copyright © AoPS Incorporated. This page is copyrighted material. You can view and print this page for your own use, but you cannot share the contents of this page with others.

If you post a question from the page, you are in COPYRIGHT VIOLATION! surprise You could be sued!
Although, I'm not a lawyer myself, so I don't know. Having posted several AoPS questions myself, I find it kind of disturbing that I could be sued for something I did years ago! 

Just wanted to send a quick heads up to everyone doing that, if you want, you can continue, just keep this in mind!!!

Idc how many times I get downvoted, but this message had to be put out. I personally don't have anything against posting AoPS questions if the message boards aren't enough help, but... this may change things!

 Jun 16, 2020

Most AoPS questions are already on the internet, and I'm pretty sure some people have all the answers downloaded somewhere.

 Jun 16, 2020



Yeah that's what I've been saying for a few months.

I believe AoPS has already contacted the moderators


You are not going to be sued.


There isn't any real basis.


They aren't going to spend money to sue you.


It's fine. Just don't give us your whole weeks' worth of homework, and we'll be happy to help.


Also, this is user content... AoPS isn't going to ask FBI to track down each of our IP addresses.


Besides... like Varxaax said, they are already on the net, why would they care?


They are still getting money for their courses.


These laws only apply in the United States- other countries? Nope!

 Jun 16, 2020
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edited by hugomimihu  Jun 16, 2020

Somewhere out there, some guest or someone is going "USA! USA! HOO-RAH!"


Edit: Also. Sending us all of your homework on one go is *shudders* our worst nightmare. If you're stuck, at least send them apart from one another. It's a lot of work just to go through 8 problems and 90 million alcumus or whatever you do.

Varxaax  Jun 16, 2020
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90 million alcumus




That cracked me up

hugomimihu  Jun 16, 2020

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