2. Andrea plots (-5,-pi/2) on the polar plane. How does she proceed?


Andrea first determines which line the angle of rotation places the point on. This line tells Andrea that the point must lie on the (blank) if r is positive or (blank) if r is negative.

The radius of 5 tells Andrea that the point lies on the fifth circle of the polar plane. The value of r is negative. Therefore, the point will lie on the (blank)


The options are: positive x-axis, negative x-axis, positive y-axis, negative y-axis


for the first one i put positive x-axis , for the second one i put negative x-axis, and for the 3rd one i put neg y axis???? 

 Jun 16, 2020

You should be able to choose the same option for two different blanks.


First, the angle of rotation -pi/2 means a clockwise rotation of pi/2 radians from the positive x-axis. That would give the negative y-axis. So if r is positive, then the point lies on negative y-axis and if r is negative, then the point lies on positive y-axis. 


In this case, r = -5, which means the point lies on the positive y-axis. 


Note that not all points with negative r lies on negative x- or y-axes.

 Jun 17, 2020

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