Hey, I'm new so is there any thing I should know about the sight?

TheDeathlyHallows  Feb 8, 2018

Hello DH,

Welcome to web2.0calc forum :))


Yes there are things you should know.  laugh

Our respected members are very polite and they use this site as a learning aid. 

And they can also help others in this regard if they are reasonably sure that they know what they are  talking about.

They do not use it for cheating on their assignments or getting their homework done for them.


They ask their question in a polite way using the word 'please' and then say 'thank you' when they are given an answer.

If they do not understand or they think the answer is wrong then they say so (with explanation) politely.


They also give answerer positive points if they are happy or even if they just want to recognise the effort the answerer has donated to them (sometimes even if they think the answer might be wrong).  We do not encourage anyone to give negative points. You should have sound reason if you do this. 


Respected members become known to us and they do tend to get priority treatment. 

Reposts, if done properly also get priority treatment.


Here is info on reposting:


Melody  Feb 8, 2018
edited by Melody  Feb 8, 2018

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