This time, feel free to make comments and I won't be arguing.


Just don't cheat ok?


Ask a teacher. Ask your parents. Ask your friends. Ask this site for hints.


Today I'm not going into a rant about how "oh so and so's making us do homework"


Just a few sentences.


1) If you ask for help, don't ask for help on tests, quizzes. If it's homework, and you really need help, pick the hardest question and ask us, and be sure to read over the solution. A test is to test your mastery of skills, not the mastery of other people on the site, members and guests alike.


2) If someone presents you with a solution, don't just copy the answer. First try to see what the person did, and then if you don't understand anything, reply to the solution, and I'm sure many people will be ecstatic to help. If you understand, say "thanks" or something. Don't be disrespectful.


3) I'm not clear about the moderators' opinion in this, but I personally would like to to stop saying "[moderator name, usually CPhill], please help!" One, they aren't obligated to help you, they help you because they are smart and kind. Two, there's people called Melody, Alan Omi67, asinus, heureka, EP, geno, and a few others. If you are going to call CPhill, why not call the other moderators, or just don't say anything? The moderators and many of the regular members are very smart. (Sorry CPhill)


4) When posting a question say where you are stuck and what you have done. We aren't mind readers, giving us this info can allow us to make a better judgement of where you are stuck, why, and how to help you learn the best.


Thanks for reading.


Again, I will try not to argue with any comment.

 May 6, 2020
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hugo i think you should stop trying to be the police 

 May 6, 2020

While that comment made me laugh, it's kinda rude and Hugo's intentions are good. So next time don't be so rude Ok!

LuckyDucky  May 6, 2020

Yeah. that's true.


LuckyDucky, thanks, and guest, it's fine.


*just saying*


Moderators and other members have been saying the same things.


I'm just saying that it's not great to have to do everyone's quizzes and tests and homework.

hugomimihu  May 6, 2020
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Or actually take a look at this hehehehe


 May 6, 2020

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