10 and 18 I am having trouble with

Mellie  Apr 26, 2017


I don't see a pic for 10 but I'm pretty sure we have an inscribed right angle CMD with C and D being the diameter endpoints....


The diameter length, CD    =    sqrt  ( CM^2  + MD^2)  =

sqrt  (9^2 + 12^2)  = 

sqrt (81  + 144)  =  sqrt  (225)   =  15


OM  will  form a radius  = (1/2)CD  = 7.5





Since LA is perp. to OK   and LD is perp. to OM.....angles LAO  and LDO  are right angles

And since arc KL  is congruent to arc ML, then central angle KOL = central angle MOL  (central angles intercepting equal arcs are themselves equal)

And by the reflexive property,  LO  = LO

So.......by AAS.......triangle LAO is congruent to triangle LDO



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 26, 2017

Thank you so much!! You are the best! <3

Guest Apr 26, 2017


To post the pic just open the image tab and past the URL in.

It is super easy!



Melody  Apr 26, 2017

Huh? I could not read javascript. Sorry guys.

XuZijun  Apr 26, 2017

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