You will not believe what happeed today.

Despite the rumor that my ex girlfriend is coming to my school next year just to attack my empire, Mr. Diaz made my year

Today, at 6th Period, today at 5/27/15, I was the first person/student ever in Mr. Diaz's career to complete the End-of-The-Year Worksheet

I beated everyone to the top, Diaz said that I got 100% on the 90 question worksheet (he gave us a week, i completed it on day 5)

In 6th period, I defeated Austin, Alexandra, and of course, my most fair competitor, Heather

ot of the whole class, I beated some of the best math masters in the other periods

those people were:

William (we're both tied), and my most intense rival Giona (we both get the 1st place position time to time, sometimes I'm smarter, sometimes she beats me), Oscar (I'm a bit smarter), and some girl who cant speak english, but (surprisingly is smarter than me, but not today), Senzel (I beat her 99% of the time), and the so called smartest person in Mr. Diaz's career, Emily (but I beat her 100% of the time, which is why its so called, real champ is me)

and, as a reward, Diaz gave me, you guessed it,

25$ iTunes Gift Card

and I beated everyone in Diaz

this means one thing:

I'm the smartest person in the entire GVMS school!!!

TitaniumRome  May 28, 2015

Best Answer 


Congratulations Titanium, that is excellent!!


You want to be careful though, that HUGE EGO of yours could trip you up one day.


BUT, for today, I am genuinely very pleased for you.  

Melody  May 28, 2015
Best Answer

Congratulations Titanium, that is excellent!!


You want to be careful though, that HUGE EGO of yours could trip you up one day.


BUT, for today, I am genuinely very pleased for you.  

Melody  May 28, 2015

no no no Melody

no predicting the future unless if you are the future

according to the Holy Bible, predicting the future when youre not the fututre is considered a sin, and is on the way to oculot aka devil worshipping, and to witch craft

anyways, if you know that my ego will, fall, then tell me HOW will it fall

TitaniumRome  May 28, 2015

but anyways, thx for the appreciation

I have beated also science, english solo

P.E. is not cruel, but I need an alliance next year to beat PE cuz both the 8th grade teachers are strict

I have allied with most people of the Telecommunications and Digital photography classes to rebel against the teacher, and this year, we have defeated him in great numbers

the rebellion also meant more allies, more people who look to Royality for guidance, and even some leaders of some squads in the technology classes have seeked us for advice on ruling

some of our rivals even had to call truce for now and fight tech teacher

we have won....for now

next year, we shall continue to reign

but weve beaten 2014-2015 school year

TitaniumRome  May 28, 2015

Well TR you have something in common with the girl that doesn’t speak English: You can’t write it. Maybe that’s why she beated you mosted of the timed.


You know maybe she can speak it, but pretends not to so she has a reason not to talk to you. I bet she makes good use of ear plugs too.

Guest May 28, 2015

That is not nice anon, I suppose TR's ego is big enough to handle it though. 

Big egos are good for some things  

Melody  May 28, 2015


sometimes I take rants as the opposite of life threatening and just take it like this dude was just joking around

also, that girl who cant speak is not my rival. shes cool

also, that's Giona's job to keep hating on me, not you anon (unlike you, she's actually good at her job)


TitaniumRome  May 28, 2015

congrats Roman, but youre forgot to include me in the pack.


and just to let you guys know, I'm Dawn, and I believe Heather mentioned me before

and yes, the Empire Of Royality will fall one day

there is a prophecy I found in the Battle Of The Loud Bangs, which was not too long ago while trying to conquer the OB Dolphins 2 years ago

and it isnt pretty how it would fall

MathWitch  May 28, 2015

Nice one Titanium!


Congrats on your victory!


Use your prize well!

MathsGod1  May 28, 2015

Hello TitaniumRome,


Glad to hear you news.but thats just a bit not too pleasing, i wish i was just like you but 9th is so tough, especially physics that floats above my head like the various planets, i willl ask some related questions soon....hope that will come fast.


it is very impressing that someone who is good at being wild is also good at being good, a perfect match, very few people are like that,not one in my class though.


i know how you are feeling right now:


and so i would like to present you with some warm presents!hope they please you!


a very unusual gift.a pack of guitars.play according to your mood and color.i dont mind thta i had to let go of my whole pocketmoney to get this, your worth it


i whatsapped the real underworlds people, told them my brother was a deadly big fan of the GTAcity game or whatever it is and they got happy that they sent me the weapons.i could k**l one person witht this, but hes accross the ocean.i'd taken one from the pack and left it all to you.one bullet one gun and one person....all i need....my bro is too young to play with these so here you go with all of it......and btw...just dont k**l me!





To end this with a cute face....celebrate your victory...and soon we will face each other with much power......just be happy and eat this piece.......and be a bit wild....just dont forget the peace!


hope you liked 

my celebration,

of your victory

as your my new friend

and also 

an unknown enemy!


you will not be able

to define what i said

so dont just bother

and just celebrate!





rosala  May 28, 2015

hahaha, Dawn

someday, you will beat me Dawn

anyways, Giona got highly mad at me today after Diaz told her I won

ahhh guitars, thx rosala

Matt, I finally got those guitars you wanted to start your own band!

ahhhhhhhh, Brick arms, the guns wayyy more advanced and better than lego guns

thx a lot, Rosala

we wont k**l you, we will use these guns as a advantage to us just in case if the ex-girlfriend rumor does come true

also, genius Wild Bob Jones is working on making a new project specifically for that war, hes making fighting robots (this means that Mega Man may be real)

and out of all the gifts, thx for the pikachu eating a cake meal

it was highly delicious

yup i am feeling like that dude

im also so happy cuz I just conquered History today

English has been conquered as well today

yesterday I have defeated PE and Math, along with Photography

and I'm battling in the final battle against Science

trying to focus on the final battle of the year

actually, I should say we, cuz I didnt conquer all by myself. I had some help with my empire, my allies, unknown species that unexpectedly joined the battle, and even some of my rivals (not Giona though)

anyways, thx everyone for the gifts

and, as youre a god, MathsGod, I shall use my prize wisely

TitaniumRome  May 29, 2015

congrats, Roman, on your victory of this school year

and the gift card

HeatherF  May 29, 2015

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