@Melody I'm sorry for interupting. I will go back to Brainly, where I posted questions before, and never felt so shameful. I have used it for 2 years already.




@ilorty I will answer it. https://www.geogebra.org/calculator


This is my graph. You have to plot the points.


So, X=(-1-2,-7-14) which is (-3,-21). So, -24.

 Aug 7, 2020

I also don't think you can see the graph. Sorry. I'll show another way.

XZ=ZY and XZ+ZY=XY, which means X,Y, and Z form a degenerate triangle. (I don't know if you have learned it yet. Sorry if you haven't.)  Since from Y to Z, we go 2 steps left and 14 steps down, we do the same to arrive at X=(-1-2,-7-14) which is (-3,-21). So, X=-24. I hope you understood. I am very sorry for the damage I have made on this website. I will not use it again, so I will not break your rules.



 Aug 7, 2020

Thank you! I was just confused on what you meant by adding points. Now I see. I have learned lots from your answer :)


P.S. Do not be ashamed of yourself! Everybody makes mistakes! All you have to do is learn from them, and you will live a happy life laugh



ilorty  Aug 7, 2020
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You do not need to go anywhere.

I like your enthusiasm.

Just sometimes you need a little patience as well.

 Aug 7, 2020

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