Two motorcycles are traveling at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour and 90 kilometers per hour respectively. If the faster one travels for 4 hours longer than the slower one and also goes twice as far, how far did the slow one travel?

joebob  Nov 25, 2017

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Let the time of the slower bike =t
The time of the faster bike =t + 4
Distance=Time x rate(speed)
2(90t) =120[t + 4], solve for t
t=8 hours
8 x 90 =720 km - the distance traveled by the slower bike.
120 x[8 + 4] =1,440 km - the distance traveled by the faster bike.

Guest Nov 25, 2017
edited by Guest  Nov 25, 2017

Nice work guest :)

Melody  Nov 25, 2017

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