Let \(DEF\) be an equilateral triangle with side length \(3\). At random, a point \(G\) is chosen inside the triangle. Compute the probability that the length \(DG\) is less than or equal to \(1\)


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 Aug 5, 2020

If DG is at most 1, we can draw a circle with radius 1 and center D.

We know the circle and triangle will share a 60 degree sector.

So the area of the sector is pi/6.

The area of the entire equilateral triangle is sqrt3/4*a^2, and since a=3, 9sqrt3/4.

3.8971 is the approximate area of the triangle, and 0.5236 is the approximate area of the sector.

So 0.5236/3.8971 which is around 0.134356



 Aug 5, 2020
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