After a weekend of rock climbing in the white mountains, dylan is climbing down a 400-foot cliff. It takes 20 minutes to descent the first 60 feet. Assuming that dylan makes progress at a steady rate, write an equation that expresses dylan's height h (in ft) above level ground in terms of t, the number of minutes descending Use your equation to find how much time it will take dylan to reach level ground. 


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 Jun 14, 2021

Because Dylan descends 60 feet in 20 minutes, he will descend 3 feet 1 minute.  From this, we have Dylan's height = 400-3m, where m is the number of minutes after he starts his descent.  


With this equation, he will reach the ground when 400-3m=0, or when 3m=400, simplifying to after 400/3 minutes, or 133 minutes 20 seconds.  

 Jun 14, 2021

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