Which of the following sampling techniques could result easily in biased statistics?


  I. A government employee decides to wait at a bus stop to survey people about whether they support a certain candidate in an upcoming federal election.

 II.A student council representative puts up a poster in the school that asks students whether they favor longer class periods. The students interested in answering the survey would then e-mail their answer to the student council for the data to be analyzed.

III.The principal of a large school assigns a number to each student in the school, places the numbers in a drum, and selects 75 numbers without replacement. He then compares these numbers with the numbered list of students and surveys these students about whether they favor a proposed new policy that requires students to wear indoor shoes only when in the school.

IV.The owner of a small business of 300 employees draws 35 employee names out of the 300 names in a hat to survey them to determine the satisfaction level of employees with respect to healthcare benefits offered to all employees.


A. Statements I and II

B. Statements II and III

C. Statements I and IV

D. Statements II and IV

Guest Apr 20, 2016

I. because its a voluntary survey

II. becase its a voluntary survey

IV. because 10 ppl can't represent the entire 200

Guest Dec 21, 2017

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