what is y=-2/5x-5 in standard form

 Sep 14, 2017

In order to convert an equation in slope-intercept form (\(y=mx+b\)) into standard form, you must understand a few rules. I will list them for you:


1. \(Ax+Bx=C\) is the form of the linear function

2. \(A,B,C\in\mathbb{Z}\) (A, B, and C must be integers)

3. \(A\geq0\)

4. A,B, and C must be co-prime


Knowing these rules, let's now convert \(y=-\frac{2}{5}x-5\) into standard form:


\(y=-\frac{2}{5}x-5\) Because standard form does not allow there to be fractions, let's eliminate the current fraction by multiplying all sides by 5.
\(5y=-2x-25\) Add 2x to both sides.
\(2x+5y=-25\) We have converted the equation from slope-intercept form while meeting all the conditions.
 Sep 15, 2017

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