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  1. For each of the professions in the left column, calculate the annual pay based on full-time, year-round employment consisting of 2,000 hours a year (40 hours per week for 50 weeks each year). Record your calculations under "Annual income" in the table. Then, find the difference between each annual wage figure and both the poverty threshold and the median household income. If the difference is a negative number, record it as such.


Hourly wage

Annual income

Difference between annual wage and federal poverty line

Difference between annual wage and median household income

Federal minimum wage





Oregon’s minimum wage





Average for all occupations





Marketing managers





Family-practice doctors





Veterinary assistants





Police officers





Child-care workers





Restaurant cooks





Air-traffic controllers





Data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013)

 Oct 10, 2019




For the last two columns you will need the poverty threshold and median household income......you'll have to use what was given to you for these values or you will have to  look them up if they weren't given to you in this or another question....Sorry !   cheeky

 Oct 10, 2019

I found (for 2013) that poverty line = 12119 for a single person

   and MHI = 51939      Though I do not know if these are the values they want you to use, here is an example

first line    7.25 x 2000 = annul income = 14500     14500 - 12119 = $2381 ABOVE poverty line   14500 - 51939 = 37439 BELOW MHI



 Oct 10, 2019

Thank you so much. I makes more sense now.

Jazminfun0128182  Oct 11, 2019

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