1) Evaluate the function f(x)=-3x+7

   a) Find f(2)

   b) Find f(-2)



2) Let g(x)= -x^2+6x+3. Find and simplify g(-4)

     G(-4)=    (simplify answer)


3) Let f(x)= -4x+5. Find f(1/2)


    f(1/2)=      (simplify your answer)




Guest May 18, 2017

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1a) Finding f(2) means that you have to substitute 2 for the variable x. So,

      when you substitute, the equation becomes f(2)=-3(2)+7. Then just do the math:

f(2)=-6+7, and then: f(2)=1. Voila!


1b) Just do the same thing: substitute for x, then do the math.

AthenaArtemis May 18, 2017

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