The distance from kevin's home to his school is 2 kilometers. Adrian lives 750 meters from the same school. How much closer does Adrian live to school than Kevin?

 Oct 16, 2018
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edited by SmartMathMan  Oct 16, 2018

This is a simple subtraction problem. All you have to do is subtract the distance between Adrian and school from the distance between Kevin and school. (Please don't forget unit conversions)

 Oct 16, 2018

Okay. Lets get you a solution here.


Kevin lives \(2\) kilometers away from the school.


Converting this to meters, we get \(2000\) meters.


Adrian lives \(750 \) meters away from the same exact school.


As Chiron stated, this is simply a subtraction problem. Subtracting \(750\) meters from \(2000\) meters, we get \(1250\) meters


If the answer should be in kilometers, it is \(\boxed {1.25}\) kilometers.

If the answer should be in meters, it is \(\boxed {1250}\) meters.


Hope that helps! laugh

 Oct 16, 2018

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