There are 5 boys and 4 girls in my class. In how many ways can they be seated in a row of 9 chairs such that at least 2 boys are next to each other

Guest Apr 23, 2017


Notice that this is equivalent to finding the the total number of  possible arrangements less the number of arrangements where none of the boys sit together


Since the total number of students = 9, the total number of arrangements = 9!


And the arrangement that would have none of the boys sitting together would look like this :


B  G  B  G  B  G  B  G  B


And we have 5! ways to  arrange the boys and 4! ways to arrange the girls


So.....the total number of arrangements where none of the boys sit together  = 5! * 4!


So....the total ways in which they can be arranged with at least two boys next to each other  =


9!  - 5! * 4!   =   362880  -  360,000    =  2880



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 23, 2017

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