I already asked this question before but the guests answers are all wrong, which is really boring for me, especially since they don't show their work and how blatant their one sentence answers are.


Trapezoid PQRS has bases PQ and RS. The median MN meets the diagonals PR and QS at A and B, respectively. If SR=20 and AB=7, find PQ.

 May 10, 2020


"the guests answers are all wrong" 


Maybe it's impolite to point out that you yourself are a guest. 


 May 10, 2020

i just mean the specific individuals who had incorrect answers showed no work

Guest May 10, 2020

Also not all guest answers are wrong the guest answering with "you are a guest" is certainly right. Don't group a bunch of people into one name "guest"


You don't know who they are. They could geniuses and you wouldn't know since you are spreading the stereotype that all guests don't write correct answers. Not true.

hugomimihu  May 10, 2020

I'm not.


Did you listen to what I said?

I gave 100% all detail and you assume I mean all guests.


I said


1. The specific few guests


2. That gave me incorrect answers


3. And didn't even show their work.


Did I say that this applies to all guests?
Did I say that this is bad?
Did I say this to offend anyone?
No, no, and no.

What did I say? That the answers are wrong, I'm a bit upset, and I would like some verified answers that have in depth work.

Guest May 10, 2020

Yeah hugomimihu from what I got, this is what you interpreted from the first guest

Specific guests : All guests

Gave incorrect answers : Are always wrong

Didn't show their work : --

-- : You are spreading stereotypical lies

Guest May 10, 2020
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