hello, i was wondering if anyone can help me out on a project... its coming to an end my semester and theres this project ive been working so hard on and submitting and i keep failing it:( im scared i wont be able to bring my grade up and pass because i really worked hard this semester. Can anyone help?:

i have a table i have to work on and i have to create a grid but i never could do it correctly!! 

And the questions along was:

use technology to find the equation  of the least squares regression line the correlation coefficient and the coefficient of determination round each to three decimal places sketch the line in the scatterplot Interpret  The correlation coefficient and the coefficient of determination and then  use the equation of the least squares regression line to predict the male life expectancy in Egypt where the female life expectancy is 72 round to one decimal place 

i have a pt 2 on this since it cant be long so ill post another afterwards for some help

but please any help is needed because im struggling so bad and nobody can help me!:(

if you can help me i thank you Sooooooo much

 Apr 4, 2019

I think I can do some


I'm letting x  =  females  and y = males

We have the points    

(64, 82)   (82, 77)  (70, 65)  (59, 58)  (82, 76)  ( 56, 61)  (81, 76)  (63, 57) ( 74, 70)  (80, 76)


Using this website.....https://keisan.casio.com/exec/system/14059929550941


The linear regression equation is


y = .6134x + 26.187


The correlation coefficient  = r  ≈  .692    [moderate correlation ]

The coefficient of determination  = r^2 ≈  .479


Here is the scatterplot :



It appears that we have at least one outlier  ....(64, 82)


A  cluster appear to be the points  (80, 76)  (81, 76)  ( 82, 76)  ( 82, 77)  


Hope that helps some.....!!!!




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 Apr 5, 2019
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wow this was waay far from what i was doing this is so helpful, thank you so much, i could cry ;-;

Clouds  Apr 5, 2019

LOL!!!.....don't do that.....I'm out of Kleenex  !!!!




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