I have a circle with a diameter of 500mm, I have 3 rings inside each x(62.5mm) from the centre with x being the ring number from the indide. I need to fit 16 1mm dots on the first ring, 46 on the second and 61 on the third. How far away should each of the dots be from each other on each ring if they are all to be equal distance from each other on each individual ring?

Guest May 8, 2017

I figured 1.25 for ring 1.

1.7 for ring 2

and 1.93 for ring 3?

Please tell me if i am mistaken

Guest May 8, 2017

Change of plan, i'm very sorry.


I need the same but in the rings are x(5) from the center the rest is still the same.

Guest May 8, 2017
edited by Guest  May 8, 2017


Not sure how the outer circle comes into play....but....


The first circle  will have a circumference of  62.5 pi  mm .....so if there are 16 equally spaced dots each should be spaced     62.5 * pi / 16  ≈ 12.27 mm  apart


The second circle has  a circumference of    62.5 * 2 * pi  mm  = 125 pi mm .....with 46 equally spaced dots each should  be spaced    125 pi / 46 ≈ 8.537 mm apart


The last circle will have a circumference of   62.5 * 3 * pi  =  187.5 pi  mm .....61 equally spaced dots should be spaced  187.5 pi / 61  ≈  9.657 mm  apart



cool cool cool

CPhill  May 8, 2017

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