I have a circle, I have 3 rings inside each x(5cm) from the centre with x being the ring number from the indide. I need to fit 16 dots on the first ring, 46 on the second and 61 on the third. How far away should each of the dots be from each other on each ring if they are all to be equal distance from each other on each individual ring?

Guest May 8, 2017

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Circumference of 1st ring = 10 pi cm

Therefore the dots on 1st ring should be 10 pi / 16 cm apart which is about 1.96 cm.


Circumference of 2nd ring = 20pi cm

Therefore the dots on 2nd ring should be 20pi / 46 cm apart which is about 1.37 cm


Circumference of 3rd ring = 30pi cm

Therefore the dots on 3rd ring should be 30pi / 61 cm apart which is about 1.55 cm

MaxWong  May 8, 2017
edited by MaxWong  May 8, 2017

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