I need to know how big of a number a googolplex is (10^10^100), but it just spits out infinity! Can anyone type the actual number out?

Guest Aug 9, 2017
edited by Guest  Aug 9, 2017

Unfortunately, writing out such an unthinkably vast number is impossible; there are approximately \(10^{80}\) atoms in the observable universe. Googolplex is \(10^{10^{100}}=10^{10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000}\). Therefore, you could write a digit on every atom and still have not scratched the surface. 


Even if we assume that there are an infinite amount of atoms, we still cannot write the number out. Assuming that a normal human being can write two digits every second, it would take \(1.51*10^{91}\) years to write. That is \(1.1*10^{81}\) times the expected life expectancy of the entire universe. 


The conclusion you should be gathering here is that writing out this number on a piece of paper is unfeasible.


Writing it digitally is a different story, however. Assuming a typical book is a 400 pages long, a book can print \(10^6\), or a million, zeroes on it. This would require \(10^{94}\), or 10 trigintillion, volumes before the number is written in its entirety. Then, I found this website, http://www.googolplexwrittenout.com/, that does exactly that! Write the entire number from start to finish. You can even order one of the volumes! That's crazy!

TheXSquaredFactor  Aug 9, 2017

I heard about that set of books before.........an interesting read, for sure!!!


Here's a sample...page 7 from volume 4:



It looks like a real page-turner !!!


In a way...it reminds me of another book—one written by John Daniel Edward Torrance....wink

hectictar  Aug 9, 2017

That's an exquisite sample, indeed! You are a seriously dedicated reader beyond the scope of my reading ability who has successfully read 1627 pages. I encourage you to continue reading this facetiously long series because it only gets better from there!

TheXSquaredFactor  Aug 9, 2017

I bought all the volumes. I’ve been counting the zeros to make sure I got what I paid for. I’ll let you know if they are all there—if any of you are still around, that is. 


After I’m finished, I’ll send the volumes to Sir CPhill, for a second verification. I know he’ll still be here: He can’t leave until the Roman zero in Sisyphus’ bolder is certified as authenticindecision – and then he still has to write all the digits of PI in Roman numerals.surprise  This will be a nice diversion for him, when he wants to take a break.smiley

GingerAle  Aug 9, 2017

Have fun with that...


I don't think I'm helping...

TheXSquaredFactor  Aug 9, 2017

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