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Consider a circle with a radius of 10 centimeters.

1) What is the length of the arc that measures 60° for the given circle?

A)5π/2 cm 

B)5π/3 cm

C)10π/3 cm

D)10π/9 cm


2) What is the sector area with an arc that measures 60° for the given circle?

A)10π/3 cm^2

B)25π/3 cm^2

C)25π/9 cm^2

D)50π/3 cm^2

 Mar 22, 2019

1. 360 degrees/60 degrees = 6

The circumference of the circle is 20pi

20pi/6 = 10pi/3

so C

2.360 degrees/60 degrees = 6

The area of the circle is 100pi

100pi/6 = 50pi/3

so A

 Mar 22, 2019

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