Cora has exactly four wooden toy blocks with digits on them. Two of the blocks have the digit 0, and two of the blocks have the digit 1. How many distinct positive integers can she form using one or more of the digits, without using each digit more than once?


so the only possible answers are 0,1,2 but I don't get what the question means when it says "without using each digit more than once"

doesn't that mean my answers will be only 0,1????


I am extremely confused

 Feb 1, 2022

please help?

 Feb 1, 2022

When it means "without using each digit more than once", I think it means that you can't use each block more than once. Although, it doesn't make sense why they would give you 2 blocks of each. 


In this case, the only possible answers would be \(\color{brown}\boxed{0, 1, 10 }\).  

 Feb 1, 2022

Yes I believe it means you can only use the blocks given, the question is misworded. 

I also imagine that the blocks are lined up, not added


0,1,10,11,100,101,110,1001,1010,1100     That is 10 numbers.

 Feb 1, 2022

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