When Brock Clock was asked what time it was, he said, "Well, the minute hand is pointing directly at one of the twelve numbers on the clock, the hour hand is pointing toward a spot whose nearest number is at least five greater than the number the minute hand is pointing toward, the angle formed by the hands is acute, the sun is shining in the east, and it is not five minutes past the hour.



-Just wanted to add that my proccess with this problem has been frustrating, as I feel I'm going in circle with the problem.. if that makes sense

-I really want to understand this problem because if I just get a raw answer, I'll get nothing out of it

-Thanks for any help!

 Sep 10, 2021
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Here is my attempt:


The minute hand is pointing at 2, which is 10 minutes after the hour.


The hour hand must point to a spot  after 2 + 5 =7 AM  {The Sun is rising in the East means that it is still AM}


At 7: 10 does not work because the angle between the hands ==155 degree. The angle must be < 90 (acute)


At 8:10 the angle ==~185 degress {No good!}


At 9:10 the angle==145 degrees {No good!}


At 10:10 the angle==115 degrees {No good!}


At 11:10 AM the angle==85 degrees, which is < 90. {This looks like plausible answer}!!

 Sep 10, 2021

Thanks for taking time and helping me with this problem, and even including steps! I understand how to do it now! Thanks again!

Guest Sep 11, 2021




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 Sep 13, 2021

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