If 100/3=x then why does x*3 not equal 100?


If you divide 100 by 3 you get 33.33333333 etc. And if you times that number by 3 you get 99.9999999 etc. Why do you not get 100?

Guest Jun 6, 2017

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\(99.\overline{9999}=100\) This statement to my left is actually true. Let's prove that by manipulating the number:

\(99.\overline{9999}=x\) I'll set it equal to some number. Multiply both sides by 10
\(999.\overline{9999}=10x\) This might be the hardest step to understand. Subtract x on both sides!
\(999.\overline{9999}-99.\overline{9999}=10x-x\) Simplify both sides of the equation
\(900=9x\) Divide by 9 on both sides 


WOAH! \(99.\overline{9999}=100\). It's kind of disguised, isn't it?

TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 6, 2017

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