figured the joules at 122000j.i cant use planks therom etc but online converter states 1.8 x 10 to 38 power of hertz that i get 2.8 hz.does this make any sense.


 Dec 13, 2017

Asking this is like asking how much the Pacific Ocean sea level would raise if 300ml of water were added.


I really like questions like this, though. It’s easy to see that a few weeks ago a young person put away his bubbles and comic books and then read a few pages of text on quantum physics. It’s easy to see that he’s a bright young person, because he immediately gleans enough information to ask brilliant and complex questions.   It’s really, truly impressive that he can skip over the piddly minutia of reciprocal and circular harmonic motion; electromagnetic and  acoustical resonance, plus  finite quantum  oscillation, thermodynamics, blackbody radiation, single energy state domains, etc, etc, etc . . .. Nope, he didn’t need any of that.


 Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the top questions that help explain the nature of the universe. These questions are not all-inclusive nor are they listed in any particular order, because once you’ve reached a state of quantum entangled stupid, spooky dumbness at a distance applies, and order doesn’t matter.  


Some of these questions are intentionally obtuse and some are serious. 


Question 1:  How do I get bubblegum off my face? (Chemistry)

Question 2:  What is the speed of dark? (Physics)

Question 3:  If I pour water on a fire, wouldn't that make the fire stronger because fires need oxygen to burn and there are oxygen atoms in water molecules? (Chemistry)

Question 4:  Why doesn’t Earth lose all its air when the space shuttle punctures our atmosphere? (Earth science)

Question 5:  I learned that the human DNA is formed by the letters A, C, G and T: what about the DNA of people who don't use our alphabet, like Russians, Chinese, Japanese and Muslims? Can their DNA be formed by ideograms or be replicated from right to left? (Biology)

Question 6:  I wanted to taste mercury. Should I go for the organic kind or the store brand stuff? (Food Science)

Question 7:  The sun is made of flammable hydrogen gas, so what would happen if we set fire to it? (Phyisics)

Question 8:  So if helium lifts things like balloons into the air do they have like negative gravity? (Physics)

Question 9:  My heater is making a horrible noise (metal on metal grind). If I use WD-40 it will reduce the friction.  But friction causes heat which is why I need it. so how can I fix it without breaking it? (Technology)

Question 10:  What happens to Bruce Banner's di*k when he turns into the Hulk? (Radiation physics)

Question 11:  Why didn't Isaac Newton win the Nobel Prize even though he invented Gravity? (History)

Question 12:  If they discovered oxygen in 1772, how did people breathe before then? (Physiology)

Question 13:  Why do meteors always land in craters? (Physics)

Question 14:  If car at 3000lbs moves constant speed of 30 mph, what frequency does it make? (Physics)



While we’re researching your question, perhaps you could answer some of these, Greg.





 Dec 13, 2017

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