If ​n(A×​B)=75 and ​n(A) =15, find​ n(B).



slim22  Sep 7, 2017

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Well, um...I don't know if I fully understand this topic, but I'll try to answer laugh .

n(A x B) when distributed would be n(A)* n(B).


And n(A x B) is 75.

We also know n(A) = 15.


So if n(A)* n(B) is equivalent to n(A x B), then n(A)* n(B) = 75.


N(A) is 15, so substitute 15 for n(A) to get 15* n(B) = 75.

Divide both sides by 15 and get n(B) = 5.

So n(B) = 5.


Correct me if I'm wrong.

Gh0sty15  Sep 7, 2017

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