I'm seriously having trouble with it, as I can't ask any questions because of that, and I'm full of questions from algebra 2...


My math tutor told me  (after she saw the pile of questions)  that I would get to precalc after those geos-alge2


But most of them have diagrams, and I don't like using Melody's way because you have to download stuff and my PC can't handle another application or other downloads and things like that.


Before you ask, it can handle pics only because I delete them after.


So is there a different way to do it, without downloading or fiddling around with the settings of my computer?


Like anything on the Web2.0Calc website?


Or can somebody just fix it?



Or can I somehow draw in a picture from here?


(sorry this post is sooo wordy)

 Aug 25, 2019

I don't know if this site might help you, or not....




To upload an image :


1.  Click on the "New Post"  tab  [ green tab at the top]

2.  Choose "Upload Images"

3. Hit the Browse tab ....select and open the image from your hard drive

4. The picture should appear on the Imgur site

5. Right click on the pic and select "Copy Image Address"....this will be an URL

6. On the WebCalc page where you are posting your question, click on the "Image" tab and paste this URL into the  URL box

7. Hit "OK"  and your image should appear


Hope this helps....I actually find this easier to use than the WecCalc image uploader  [which doesn't seem to work anymore ]


cool cool cool

 Aug 25, 2019

Thanks Chris,


I just added this thread to our 

"How to upload a picture"  Sticky Topics.  


Different people like different methods :)

 Aug 25, 2019


1. You can right click on the image.

2. Click copy image address.

3. On the WebCalc page where you are posting your question

4. Click on the "Image" tab

5. Paste this URL into the  URL box

6. Hit "OK"  and your image should appear

 Aug 26, 2019

but sometimes there's and red x

tommarvoloriddle  Aug 27, 2019

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