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im thinking for this one it might be 6i sqrt 3

but im not sure i could be wrong



my guess is -i for this question

 Sep 8, 2018

I dont know the first one but the second one is just -i

 Sep 8, 2018

-i is correct though it would be better if you understood why.


\(\forall n \in \mathbb{Z} \\ i^{4n} = 1 \\ i^{4n+1}=i \\ i^{4n+2}=-1 \\ i^{4n+3}=-i\)


for the first problem we have


\(2\sqrt{-27} = 2\sqrt{27}\sqrt{-1} = 6\sqrt3 i = 6i \sqrt{3}\)


the 3rd choice

 Sep 8, 2018

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