Five children A, B, C, D, and E are fighting over who broke the precious vase. Here are their statements:


A: D broke it. 

D: A lied when he said I broke it. 

B: E broke it. 

E: B broke it. 

C: I didn't break it. 


If only one statement is true, who broke the vase?

 Apr 8, 2022

I answered but i have decided to hide my answer as this is obviously a school competition homework question.

 Apr 8, 2022

Wait.. how do you decide if a question is school comp?

Cus this isnt... do you think all other questions on this forum are kids making them up? 


This is a textbook question - I did not purchase the solutions part. 

Guest Apr 9, 2022

I think it is a classroom competition question because it has been asked by about a dozen different guests in a matter of about an hour.

People are obviously cheating. It was most likely a fun exercise and there was some small reward for the first on to present the answer.  Or maybe it was in a bigger competition. 

No matter, there is no doubt in my mind that ALL of the askers are cheating.

Melody  Apr 9, 2022

A is true? Then D is also True. X


D is T? Then A, B, E, C are F.

     D, E, B didn't break it.

      C break it

So D is T, C break it 

Only D is true, C break it

 Apr 9, 2022

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