So, this question I tried to solve, but I want to varify if I have the right answer.


The word problem is: The height of a right circular cylinder equals its diameter. Write the volume of the cylinder as a function of its radius.


I used h= height, d= diameter, and r=radius.

Since the height equals the diameter, it would be twice the radius.


I think volume of a circular cylinder is V=πr2h.

I plugged in 2r for h.


I multiplied r2*2r.


I believe that is my final answer, please correct me if I'm wrong.

AdamTaurus  Oct 12, 2017

volume of cylinder  =  π r2 h      , where  r = the radius  and  h = height .


diameter  =  2r  =  h


We want an equation that gives the volume of the cylinder for any value of  r . We want to be able to plug in a value for  r  and get out a value for the volume. So...use  2r  in place of  h .


volume of cylinder  =  π r2 (2r)

volume of cylinder  =  2π r3


You got it!! smiley👍

hectictar  Oct 12, 2017
edited by hectictar  Oct 12, 2017


AdamTaurus  Oct 12, 2017

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