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In the above graph you see the functions f(x) = (x+3)(x-3) , g(x) = 0,5x^2 + x + 3  and h(x) = x-3


d. Calculate the x coordinates of the points of intersection of the graphs of f and g .

e. Theres the function notation j(x) = (x+ 2 1/2)^2 - 5 . Give by logically reasoning the coordinates of the top of the graph of function j



I posted this question while one of the functions wasn't written correctly whoops! So here it is again, sorry for nuisance. 

 Apr 5, 2019

Guess what......the graphs are still incorrect....but you solve them the same way as posed before.....try it and get back to us with your results




 Apr 5, 2019

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