In which quadrant does the angle t lie if sin(t) > 0 and sec(t) > 0

Deathstroke_rule  Mar 26, 2017

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Would this help? 


"To remember which trig functions are positive in each quadrant, remember this phrase: 

"All Students Take Calculus" 

Write the first letter of each word (A-S-T-C) in Quadrants 1 to 4 (going counter-clockwise). 

S | A 
T | C 

In Quadrant 1, "A" means All functions are positive there. 
In Quadrant 2, "S" means the Sine (and its reciprocal, cosecant) is positive. 
In Quadrant 3, "T" means the Tangent (and its reciprocal, cotagent) is positive. 
In Quadrant 4, "C" means the Cosine (and its reciprocal, secant) is positive. 

And, of course, this diagram indicates where the positive values are. 
(There's a huge plus-sign in the center!) 

Every function will have two places where it is positive. 
Cosine positive (Cos and All) --> C + A 
Sine positive (Sin and All) --> S + A 
Tan positive (Tan and All) --> T + A 

Every function will have two places where it is *negative* 
Cosine negative (not C or A) --> S + T 
Sine negative (not S or A) --> C + T 
Tan negative (not T or A) --> C + S 

Use that and the diagram to figure out your answers: 

S | A 
T | C "

Neptune  Mar 26, 2017

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