I wanna take the definite integral of that relation but I guess I am not sure of the notation or if it is even possible...and from x(or/and y?) = -1 to 1

Z is just some abratrary value greater than 1...


I do not want \(\int_{-1}^{1} \int_{-1}^{1} y^z+x^z dydx\)

It is a graph on \(R^2\)


So yeah.... wondering if there is some kind of trick or what... or if the domain of the integral is simply limited to functions

Guest Nov 24, 2017

You can integrate them separately thus:

integral_(-1)^1 x^z dx = ((-1)^z + 1)/(z + 1) for Re(z)>-1

integral_(-1)^1 y^z dy = ((-1)^z + 1)/(z + 1) for Re(z)>-1

Guest Nov 24, 2017

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