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Hello, I have two questions that I need help with:


1st Question:

The graph shows the distance y, in feet, a pendulum moves to the right (positive displacement) and to the left (negative displacement), for a given number of seconds x.

How many seconds are required for the pendulum to move from its resting position, swing in one direction and return to its resting position?



2nd Question:

The graph shows how many inches above the ground, y, the valve on a rotating tire is for a given number of seconds x.

How many degrees is the tire turning every second?

 Feb 23, 2019

According to the graph, from rest, the pendelum swings right.....then swings back through its resting point  in 2.5 secs



According to the tire graph the tire goes through 1/2 cycle in 1 sec = 180 degrees

 Feb 23, 2019

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